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Historical Moscow Tour: Metro, Arbat district, and Christ the Saviour Cathedral

  • City : Moscow
  • Season : All seasons
  • Duration : 3 h

The Moscow Metro is world-renowned for its rich ornamentation, ranging from classicism to Soviet Realism. Certain stations appear to be actual “underground palaces”. A visit to the Metro fits in with a stroll along the Arbat, a pedestrian corridor that is bordered with stores and shops and strolling portrait artists, musicians, and second-hand booksellers that maintain a permanent, living animation. Not far away from the Arbat is the impressive Cathedral of Christ the Savior, destroyed by Stalin, rebuilt with a pool in front of the cathedral’s entrance, then identically reconstructed in the 2000’s to the original edifice, and opened for worship upon completion.

Location on the map
Voyage Russie, Moscou - Cathédrale du Christ Saint Sauveur
Cathédrale du Christ Saint Sauveur
Voyage Russie, Moscou - Station de métro Ploshad Revolutsi
Station de métro Ploshad Revolutsi
Moscou - Vieil Arbat
Vieil Arbat

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