Since the 1st of October 2019, travellers will no longer need a visa in their passport to travel to St. Petersburg. Tsar Voyages explains how it works.

1. The visa procedure is much more simple

Although you still need a visa to go to St Petersburg, the procedure for obtaining an electronic visa has been greatly simplified compared to the ordinary visa.

What you still need to do:

  • Fill out a visa application online (but the questionnaire is much easier)
  • Submit a photo (for this photo that you will upload on the site, the criteria are less strict than before)

What you no longer need to do :

  • Go to the Consulate (everything is done on the Internet)
  • Provide an official voucher
  • Present an insurance policy (but it will still be required when entering Russia)

2. Where to apply for a visa?

The electronic visa application is not made on the usual Russian visa application website, but on a dedicated website:

3. Will I be able to get out of St. Petersburg?

The electronic visa is valid in St. Petersburg and its region. This means that it is valid in some small cities around St. Petersburg such as Pavlovsk, Pushkin or Petrodvoretz.

However, it is not valid to travel to Moscow, Veliki Novgorod or other cities. If your documents are being checked outside St. Petersburg, you will need a classic tourist visa to avoid being in an irregular situation.

Please note that the passport (always) and visa (sometimes) are checked before boarding trains, and in some buses.

4. Can I leave whenever I want?

It becomes much easier to plan a last minute trip to St. Petersburg. But within certain limits, however:

  • It will not be possible to apply for an electronic visa less than 4 days before departure (therefore no urgent delay)
  • Your application cannot be submitted more than 20 days before your departure date
  • This electronic visa allows you to stay 8 days in St. Petersburg and its region

5. What does my electronic visa look like?

It is an A4 document that you will receive by email. It is strongly recommended to print it in duplicate to show it with your passport at the border crossing, and to keep a copy on you for the whole duration of your stay.

6. Can Tsar Voyages take care of the visa for me?

Tsar Voyages continues to take care of obtaining all visas, including electronic visas, for the trips we sell: 

  • Obtaining a normal visa costs 105 €
  • The procedure for obtaining an electronic visa costs €15

7. What are the special offers "St. Petersburg without a visa" ?

Discover our offer:

  • Group tour "Treasures of St. Petersburg"
  • Private tour "St. Petersburg for couples"
  • Private tour "St. Petersburg with family"