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The Jewel Cities of the Northern Princes

  • Moscow Vladimir Suzdal Kostroma Plyos Yaroslavl Rostov Veliky Moscow
  • The Golden Ring immerses you in the history of these ancient princely cities with their sparkling bulbs and white alabaster walls.

day 1 - Vladimir - Souzdal
Vladimir - Cathédrale de la Dormition
Cathédrale de la Dormition
Vladimir - La cathédrale Saint-Dimitri
Cathédrale Saint-Dimitri
Voyage Russie, Anneau d'or, Vladimir - Vue panoramique de Vladimir
Vue panoramique de Vladimir

Petit-déjeuner à l'hôtel. Transfert à la gare. Train de Moscou à Vladimir. Accueil par votre chauffeur à la gare. Transfert au bureau d’excursion. Rendez-vous avec votre guide francophone.

Visite collective de Vladimir : La cathédrale Saint-Dimitri, la Cathédrale de la Dormition. Déjeuner libre. Vladimir et Souzdal sont deux villes incontournables de l'Anneau d'Or. Elles vous plongeront au cœur de la Russie du XIIe siècle grâce à leurs cathédrales et leurs monastères classés au patrimoine de l’Unesco. Vladimir a été fondée sur la Kliazma au XIIe siècle, et fut longtemps la rivale de Kiev, puis de Moscou. 

Transfert vers Souzdal, et temps libre (En option : visite de Bogoliubovo et de sa cathédrale sur la route).

Dîner libre et nuit à l’hôtel.

day 2 - Suzdal - Plios
Voyage Souzdal - Kremlin de Souzdal
Kremlin de Souzdal
Voyage Souzdal - Paysage pittoresque Souzdal
Paysage pittoresque Souzdal
Voyage Plioss - Panorama

Breakfast at the hotel. Meeting with your french-speaking guide.

Guided tour of Suzdal by foot (3h): The Kremlin, the wooden architecture museum, the monastery of Saviour St-Euthymius. The city of Suzdal is a museum in itself as it presents an intact image of the Russian history. It has many churches and other religious buildings and a lush green countryside in the summer. 

Free lunch. Transfer to Plios (2h30) and check in at the hostel.

Free time for discovery and visit of Plios, village of the Golden Ring and very popular holiday destination for many popular artists like Levitan and Repin. 

Dinner and overnight stay at the hostel.

day 3 - Kostroma - Yaroslavl
Voyage Plioss - Cathédrale de la Résurrection
Cathédrale de la Résurrection
Voyage Kostroma - Monastère Ipatiev
Monastère Ipatiev

Breakfast at the inn.

Free time. Then transfer to Kostroma (1h30) in the late morning. Meeting with your guide at the Ipatiev monastery, which you will visit. Panoramic tour of Kostroma. The city was not available for foreigners until 1991 and retained its 19th century style.

Free lunch. Departure to Yaroslavl (80km-ride).

Free dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.


day 4 - Yaroslavl
Voyage Russie - Yaroslavl - Vue panoramique sur la cathédrale de la Dormition
Cathédrale de la Dormition
Voyage Yaroslavl - Eglise Saint-Elie
Eglise Saint-Elie

Breakfast at the hotel then meeting with your guide at the reception desk of the hotel and departure for a city tour of Yaroslavl by transport and on foot: Discover the Deputatskaya pedestrian street (in the historic district), and the Sovetskaya Square (the market and theater). Visit the Monastery of St-Saviour and the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. Admire the white walls and the golden cupolas of the monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour, the splendid green bulbs of the St-Elias Church, the Volkov Theater, the first theater in Russia ... you will walk on the docks of the city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Free time for lunch. Afternoon visit with your guide. Free time for dinner and overnight stay at the hotel

day 5 - Rostov Veliky
Voyage Rostov le Grand - Monastère Saint-Jacob
Monastère Saint-Jacob
Voyage Rostov le Grand - Kremlin de Rostov le Grand
Kremlin de Rostov le Grand

Breakfast at the hotel.

Meeting with your guide and driver in the early morning, and departure for Rostov Veliky, the oldest city of the Golden Ring, it’s located 60 km from Yaroslavl. Once you get there, you will visit the Kremlin, a pearl of Russian architecture of the 17th century and St.Jacob monastery which was founded on the shore of Lake Nero.

Free lunch. Transfer to Rostov Velikiy train station, departure at 2:30 pm (Optional: departure at 8pm to have some extra time to discover Rostov Velikiy).

Return to Moscow by train.

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