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Kremlin and Armoury Chamber Private Tour

  • City : Moscow
  • Season : Winter Special All seasons
  • Duration : 3 h

The ancient residence of the Czars and the actual seat of political power in Russia, and listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kremlin in Moscow is the grandest fortress in Europe.

This architectural collection is home to a number of palaces and cathedrals, of which the oldest dates back from the 15th century. The Cathedral of the Assumption, the ancient site of the coronations of the Czars and the Emperors of Russia is the most beautiful example. The Kremlin contains 56 sepulchres of czars and grand princes, as well as the Czar Cannon and the Czar Bell, both of extravagant sizes.

The Armoury Palace itself houses a rich museum where a collection of treasures was accumulated by the princes and the czars. Carriages, thrones, costumes, wreaths, and especially the famous collection of Faberge eggs are found in the museum.

Hours of operation: Open from 10h to 17h. Closed Thursdays.

Location Kremlin and Armoury Chamber Private Tour on the map
Voyage Moscou - Palais des Armures
Palais des Armures
Voyage Moscou - Kremlin
Voyage Russie, Moscou - Kremlin - Cathédrales - Clocher d'Ivan le Grand
Clocher d'Ivan le Grand
Voyage Moscou - Canon du Kremlin
Canon du Kremlin
Kremlin de Moscou - Territoire des cathédrales
Kremlin de Moscou - Territoire des cathédrales

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