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The wonders of Greater Karelia

  • Solovki Islands Petrozavodsk Kivach Nature Reserve Kizhy Island
  • Discover the sublime archipelagos of the region of Karelia, including the beautiful and unique island of Kiji and its beautiful wooden church of the Transfiguration, built without a single nail.


day 1 - Solovki Islands
Voyage Russie, Iles Solovki - Monastère Solovetsky
Monastère Solovetsky
Voyage Iles Solovki - Monastère Solovetsky
Monastère Solovetsky

Reception in Kem and transfer from the train station to the port. Breakfast at the Prichal Hotel (the tickets for the Solovki Islands cruise are to be picked up at the reception).

Departure by boat to Solovki. Walk to the Solovetskaya Sloboda Hotel. Check-in. Free lunch.

Excursion around the Monastery and discovery of Solovki's history: This legendary monastery was once among the richest in Russia, you will visit the church and walk the thick walls of the fortress that no one could overcome.

Free Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel.

day 2 - Zayatsky Island
Voyage Iles Solovki - Ile au lièvre
Ile au lièvre

Breakfast at the hotel.

Trip by boat to the Zayatsky Island: You will see its stone labyrinths, rare and precious archeological monuments. You will get the chance to admire the beauty of the island. The climate is very rough that it is covered by a variety of mosses and berries.

Transfer by boat to Kem. Transfer to the train station and departure to Petrozavodsk. Night in the train.

day 3 - Petrozavodsk
Voyage Petrozavodsk - Sur le quai Onega
Sur le quai Onega
Voyage Petrozavodsk - Sculpture de pêcheurs sur le quai du lac Onega
Sculpture de pêcheurs sur le quai du lac Onega
Voyage Carélie - Réserve de Kivatch
Réserve de Kivatch

Arrival in Petrozavodsk. Meeting with the guide. Transfer to Fregat Hotel or similar. Breakfast.

City tour in Petrozavodsk: the capital of Karelia, is a calm city on the edge of the beautiful lake. During this excursion you will visit the historic centre of Petrozavodsk and its main attractions, you will be able to walk along the pier of lake Onega. Small stop in order to take pictures of the monument of Peter the Great.

Free lunch.

Departure in direction of the Kivatch natural Reserve (85km). Visit of the church of Assumption en route. Visit of the natural reserve: this Reserve is among the oldest in Russia, you will discover the famous Kivach Waterfall (10.7m), second largest in Europe and a museum of nature.

Return to Petrozavodsk. Free Dinner and night at the hotel.

day 4 - Kizhy Island
Voyage Carélie - Ile de Kiji
Ile de Kiji
Voyage Kiji - Eglise de la Transfiguration
Eglise de la Transfiguration

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to Kiji by airboat through the lake (1h15). Visit of the Kiji Ecomuseum by foot: It is one of the first open-air museums in Russia, it contains some of the most remarkable wooden religous buildings on the island. These summer churches were built in logs using a traditional architectural technique by russian carpenters and therefore without the use of nails. Since 1990, the pogost of Kiji has been listed in the UNESCO heritage list.

Lunch in a cafeteria.

Transfer by boat (10 minutes) to the Kijskaya Blagodat guest house. Free dinner and night at the hotel.

day 5 - Petrozavodsk
Voyage Petrozavodsk - Statue en bois sur le quai d'Onega
Statue en bois sur le quai d'Onega

Breakfast at the guest house. Free time.

Departure by boat to Petrozavodsk and transfer to the train station. Departure to Saint Petersburg or Moscow.

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