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Semi-Organized Trans-Siberian Moscow-Vladivostok Excursion

  • Kazan Yekaterinburg Irkutsk Listvyanka Lake Baikal Ulan Ude Khabarovsk Vladivostok
  • An example of a Trans-Siberian Moscow-Vladivostok excursion with a stop at Lake Baikal can be found at our website

day 1 - Moscow
Voyage Moscou - Cathédrale du Christ-Sauveur
Cathédrale du Christ-Sauveur

All of our semi-organized Trans-Siberian excursions can be checked on our specialized website:

Here is an example of our typical itinerary:

Arrival in Moscow. Welcome at the airport by our driver and check-in at the hotel.

day 2 - Moscow
Voyage Russie, Moscou - Place Rouge
Place Rouge
Voyage Moscou - Cathédrale Saint-Basile-le-Bienheureux
Cathédrale Saint-Basile-le-Bienheureux

Leave for a tour of the city.

The driver and the guide will pick you up for a discovery of the Russian capital with its historic streets and avenues, lined with the most beautiful examples of "imperial Stalinist" architecture, and its Red Square, where the mysterious Cathedral of Saint Basil the Blessed stands. You will not fail to discover the Kremlin. You will enter the ancient residence of the czars and visit this powerful fortress with your guide, its vast territory surrounded by red bricks, cathedrals, and palaces, the oldest of which date back to the 11th century.

Transfer to the train station. Depart by train for Kazan. Departure around 11 pm.

day 3 - Kazan
Voyage Kazan - Kremlin
Voyage Kazan - Eglise universelle
Eglise universelle

Morning arrival in Kazan. You will be greeted by your driver and your guide at the station. Transfer to the hotel where you can have your breakfast.

Then you will leave for the discovery of the capital of Tatarstan, an almost-thousand-year-old city founded in the thirteenth century: You will visit the Kremlin, which brings together the Tatar, Russian, and European cultures in one place. You will admire its 13 towers, the Quolsharif Mosque, the Blagoveshensky Cathedral, the Syuyumbuke Tower, the Cannon Court, the Spasskaya Tower, and the Presidential Palace.

Check-in at the hotel (Don Quichotte 3* or similar). Free time for dinner and an over-night stay at the hotel.

day 4 - Kazan
Kazan - Panorama du Kremlin
Panorama du Kremlin
Voyage Kazan - Presqu'île de Sviajsk
Presqu'île de Sviajsk

Free day for a personal discovery of the city. After check-out (at noon), you can leave your luggage at the hotel reception.

Optional excursions:

  • Raifa Monastery: 60 € per person
  • Svyazhsk Island: 90 € per person

The hotel is 200 m from the train station. You will need to be at the station at least 40 minutes before departure. 

Departure for Ekaterinburg around 8 pm.

day 5 - Yekaterinburg
Voyage Russie, Transsibérien, Ekaterinbourg - Cirque
Cirque d'Ekaterinbourg
Voyage Ekaterinbourg - Cathédrale sur le sang versé
Cathédrale sur le sang versé

Remember to take a snack for breakfast and lunch.

Arrival in Ekaterinburg in the early afternoon. Your guide and driver will pick you up at the station. You will discover this city founded in 1723 and named in honor of the wife of the Emperor Peter I (known as Peter the Great) and future reigning empress, Catherine I. Today, Ekaterinburg is the largest metropolis of the Urals. It is also a stage of the pilgrimage for many Russians who go to the scene of the assassination of Nicholas II, the last Czar of Russia, and his family in 1917.

Overnight stay at a 3-star hotel. Free time for dinner.

day 6 - Yekaterinburg
Voyage Ekaterinbourg - Statues des Romanov
Statues des Romanov
Voyage Transsibérien - Ekaterinbourg

Your English-speaking guide and driver will pick you up at the reception desk of the hotel.

The morning is dedicated to the visit to the border between the East and the West. You will participate in the ritual of the crossing between two continents and will discover the history of the Ural people.

Return to Ekaterinburg. Free time to explore the city.

Transfer to the train station. Depart by train around 10pm. Before departure, consider buying food and drinks in the city; this will save money for you on board the train.

day 7 - Trans-Siberian: To Irkutsk
Voyage Transsibérien - Paysage sibérien
Paysage sibérien

As nature rushes by in front of your window, you will watch the landscapes evolve while sipping the tea prepared by your provodnitsa. Your heart will beat to the rhythm of this mythical train imagined by Czar Alexander III to connect his empire from West to East.

It will be a day and a night on the train to Irkutsk, halfway on the Trans-Siberian.

day 8 - Trans-Siberian: To Irkoutsk (continuation)
Voyage Transsibérien - Vendeuse Omoul
Vendeuse de Omoul

In the small towns your train passes through, you will discover the diversity of faces and Siberian populations who call to you from the docks. Through the windows of the train, babushkas sell you local produce: berries, kefir, eggs, flowers ... and smoked fish. This is a sign: you are approaching Baikal.

day 9 - Irkutsk
Voyage Irkoutsk - Eglise de l'Epiphanie
Eglise de l'Epiphanie
Voyage Transsibérien - Listvianka
Voyage Lac Baïkal - Ile Olkhon
Ile Olkhon

Arrival in Irkutsk - the modern capital of Eastern Siberia and gateway to the Siberian Pearl, Lake Baikal. Visit of the city: the quay of Angara with the monument dedicated to Czar Alexander III, the creator of the Trans-Siberian, the Church of St. Savior, the old wooden houses. Visit the Decembrists’ Museum.

Departure for Baikal (to Listvyanka village) - 1 hour on the road. Listvyanka stretches for 5 km along the lake. In the historical center of the village, you will have the opportunity to buy and taste the famous Baikal fish, the Omoul. On the way, visit the Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture. Upon arrival in Listvyanka, a lakeside village, check into an inn with very comfortable rooms.

Free visit of Listvyanka village. Banya (Russian sauna) in the evening.

Over-night at an inn in Listvyanka.

day 10 - Listvyanka
Voyage Baikal - Aquarium du musée
Aquarium du musée
Voyage Baikal - Nierpas

Walk in the village and discover the Church of Saint Nicholas, the harbour, and the fish market.
Visit the Baikal Museum: fauna and flora, the aquarium with the seals of the lake (nerpas), virtual diving of its depths. Traditional lunch at the restaurant on the shore of Baikal.

Climb to the top of Mount Chersky. A beautiful panorama of the lake, Angara, and the village of Port Baikal. It will be a walk of 1.5 hours. 

Return to Irkutsk at the end of the day.

day 11 - Ulan Ude
Voyage russie, bouriatie, Oulan Oude - Rue centrale piétonne
Rue centrale piétonne
Voyage Oulan Oude - Temple d'Ivolguinsk
Temple d'Ivolguinsk

Morning transfer to the train station. Departure towards Ulan Ude along Lake Baikal for 220 km, passing through the Selenga Valley.

Arrival at the beginning of the afternoon. Reception at the station by your guide and driver. A city tour allows you to discover the capital of Buryatia, whose population is highly ethnically and culturally diverse.

Check-in and dinner with a Buryat family.

day 12 - Trans-Siberian - aboard
Voyage Transsibérien - Gare

Free morning and transfer to the train station around 2pm. Departure for Khabarovsk aboard a mythical train, the only one to push to the terminus of the Trans-Siberian route.

Before departure, consider buying food and drinks in the city; this will save you money on board the train.

day 13 - Trans-Siberian
Voyage transsibérien - Vladivostok

During this day, you will cross Eastern Siberia through Chita. We invite you to take advantage of the many stops in the train stations to buy local specialties from street vendors.

day 14 - Khabarovsk
Voyage russie, transsibérien, Khabarovsk - Rue Nikolaï Mouraviov
Rue Nikolaï Mouraviov

Arrival in Khabarovsk around 7pm. Greeted by your driver, transfer to the hotel.

Overnight stay at a 3-star hotel.

day 15 - Khabarovsk
Voyage russie, transsibérien, Khabarovsk - Cathédrale de la Dormition
Cathédrale de la Dormition
Voyage russie, transsibérien, Khabarovsk - Cathédrale de la Transfiguration
Cathédrale de la Transfiguration

You will enjoy its location on the banks of the Amur River and the beautiful buildings of the Czarist era. 

In the first part of the day, you will visit the Territorial Museum housed in a beautiful red brick building built in 1984. The museum features a high quality exhibition on Aboriginal cultures.

After lunch, you will take a boat ride.

Transfer to the station for the last stretch to the end of the excursion - Vladivostok. Departure around 9pm

day 16 - Vladivostok
Voyage Russie Vladivostok - Pont de l'île Rousski
Pont de l'île Rousski
Voyage russie, transsibérien, Vladivostok - Cathédrale de la Transfiguration
Cathédrale de la Transfiguration
Voyage russie, transsibérien, Vladivostok - Vue panoramique
Vue panoramique de Vladivostok

We advise you to have breakfast on the train

Arrive in Vladivostok at 8.15 am. The guide will meet you at the station for the panoramic guided tour of the city of Vladivostok.

You will discover the rich history of the city, reflected by the many monuments, and admire the beauty of the Amoursky Gulf. You will see the city's maritime gates and ships, the Zolotoy Rog Bay (Golden Horn), the Bortsov Revolutsy Square, the White House, and the Triumphal Arch built in 1902 by Czar Nicholas II.

Visit submarine S-56, transformed into a museum. The favorite attraction of Vladivostok is the funicular which allows to reach the hill quickly. Great view of the bay! Then continue the visit at the Vladivostok Fortress built on the seaside in the 19th century.
Overnight stay at a 3-star hotel.

day 17 - Vladivostok
Voyage russie, transsibérien, Vladivostok - Vue aérienne de Vladivostok
Vue aérienne de Vladivostok

Transfer to Vladivostok airport for your return flight.

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