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The Baikal in the heart of Siberian winter in group

  • Irkutsk Listvyanka Vydrino Utulik Irkutsk
  • No matter if you are a pure sensation lover, snowmobile enthusiast or you enjoy the freedom of  the space, this trip will fill you with joy. Discover Listvyanka village on the coast of Baikal Lake surrounded by larchs and cedar trees woods as well as  Vydrino village located on the foot of Khamar-Daban mountains in the Buryat Republic. Tour in groups.

day 1 - Moscow
Voyage Baikal en hiver - Rues enneigées d'Irkoutsk
Rues enneigées d'Irkoutsk

Night flight to Irkoutsk. You spend the night on the plain and arrive to Irkoutsk the next day. The flight takes arround 6 hours and the time difference between Moscow and Irkoutsk is 5 hours.

day 2 - Irkutsk
Voyage au Baikal en hiver - Eglise de l'Epiphanie d'Irkoutsk
Eglise de l'Epiphanie d'Irkoutsk
Voyage Russie, Baikal, Irkoutsk - Cathédrale de l'Epiphanie
Cathédrale de l'Epiphanie

Arrival to Irkutsk in the morning time. Transfer and acommondation. Resting time acording to the time of your arrival,

Lunch in the restaurant of traditional Russian cuisine.

Departure for the guide visit in Irkutsk: discover the cental square, the Victory monument, the chuches of Saint Christ and Epiphany, Amgara river side with its monuments in the honor of Alexander III. Camera lovers will really enjoy walking the charming and unusual streets with old picturusque houses.

Dinner and night at the hotel.

day 3 - Listvyanka
Voyage Irkoutsk - Musée Taltsy
Musée Taltsy
Voyage au Baikal en hiver (Russie) - Village de Listvianka
Village de Listvianka
Voyage Listvianka - Vue panoramique
Vue panoramique de Listvianka

Breakfast at the guest house.

Departure to Listvianka, the village on the coast of the nearest lake to Irkutsk (70 km). Visit on your way the open air museum of  traditional wooden architecture Talsty. Lunch at the place.

Short stop on arrival to Baikal to have a look at the place where Angara river takes its beginning. It is one and only river which flows out of Baikal, while 336 others flow into it. Due to the flow and the tampreture of the water Angara never freezes here. In the middle of it it is possible to see the Shamans rock... Visit the museum of the Lake with aquarium of niepras (freshwater seals) and put yourself in it virtually. 

Accomondation in the small hotel in the center of the village. Banya (Russian sauna) will wait for you in the evening.

day 4 - Lake Baikal
Voyage au Baikal en hiver - Aeroglisseur sur le Baikal
Aeroglisseur sur le Baikal
Voyage au Baikal en hiver - Village de Bolchié Koty
Village de Bolchié Koty
Voyage au Baikal en hiver - Village de Bolchoïé Goloustnoïé
Village de Bolchoïé Goloustnoïé
Le lac Baïkal gelé en hiver - Voyages en Russie
Le lac Baïkal gelé en hiver

Breakfast at the hotel.

An exceptional day on the hovercraft! This day you will discover the lake along its East Coast. You will travel in the comfortable heated cabin of the vehicule made for the safest ride on the glass surface. Stop in the village of Bolshie Koty where in the 19th century the gold-diggers washed gold in the small river flowing into the lake.

In a winter time ice takes forms of the strange frozen waves and stalactites along the coast. We will make several stops to walk and look through the smooth ice surface. It is also possible to do the ice skating, but do not forget to varify it in advance.

Next stop is the other village of Bolshoye Goloustnoye which was foun in the 17th century. Its history starts by the creation of the first trade routes between Russia snd China. The estuary of the Goloustnaya River is formed by several inlets with a wide delta devoid of trees due to frequent winds in this part of the lake. Lunch in a local restaurant.

On the way back to Listvianka, visit the village market with its vendors exhibiting all kinds of fish: dried, smoked, cooked as well as handicrafts. Discover the local harbour with the boats caught in the ice.

Diner in the hotel.

day 5 - Lake Baikal
Voyage en Russie en hiver - Circum Baikal en hiver
Circum Baikal en hiver
Voyage en Russie en hiver - Circum Baikal en hiver
Circum Baikal en hiver
Voyage en Russie en hiver - Motoneige sur le lac Baikal
Motoneige sur le lac Baikal
Voyage au Baikal en hiver - Aeroglisseur sur le Baikal
Aeroglisseur sur le Baikal
Voyage Russie, Baikal en hiver - Les monts de Khama-Daban
Les monts de Khama-Daban

Departure from the hotel at 9.30. Visit of the Saint-Nicolas cathedral, protecter of all the fishermen and travelers.

Departure to the trip on the snowmobile along CircumBaikal  in the south of Listvianka. It is a "golden ring of Trans-Siberian". This historic railway line was cut from the main line after the construction of the Irkutsk hydroelectric station. You will be two people per snowmobile accompanied by an instructor and your english speaking guide. Short stop infront of the Baikal Port, in other words the principle station of this ancient route. 

In the afternoon you will cross the widest part of the lake still by snowmobile. Our destination is the Vydrino village whuch takes place on the boarder of Irkutsk region and the Republik of Burytiya. Step by step we reach the mountains of Khamar-Daban. At this part of the lake it is occured the biggest amount of snowfalls.

For children under 12 years old, who cannot ride the snowmobile themselves, we offer different programm for this day with an animator: show of seals, slades ride, workshop of cooking pelmeni (Russian raviolis) and the transfer to Vydrino on the hovercraft.

Accomondation in the nice guest house (all new) on the bank of Snejnaya river. Banya, the dinner after and the night in the guest house.

day 6 - Lake Baikal
Voyage en Russie en hiver - Chiens de traineau sur le Baikal
Chiens de traineau sur le Baikal
Voyage Russie, Randonnée au Baïkal en hiver
Randonnée au Baïkal en hiver
Voyage en Russie - La taïga au Baïkal
La taïga au Baïkal

Departure on minibus taking the Moscow-Vladivostok highway, which passes the Baikal Lake on its southern part for the distance of 200 km. The next stop is the Utulik village which is 48 km away.

The group will be divided in two: first part will take a ride on snowshoeing along the mountain river in Taiga, the second part will take a ride on the dog sledges carried by Siberian Huskies ( 2 persons for the sledge with 4 dogs).

Hot Lunch. In the afternoon 2 groups change for the activity. You will also have a chance to see one of the numerouse bridges of the Trans-Siberian railway, which connects the two parts of the village and of course there is a big chance to see the train passing by, because the traffic on this famous track is quite intense.

Return to the guest house in the end of the day.

Diner at the guest house.

day 7 - Irkutsk
Voyage Baïkal - Transsibérien
Voyage en Russie - Gare d'Irkoutsk
Gare d'Irkoutsk

Quiet morning walk in the Vydrino village with its traditional houses it the wood covered with snow by the freezed mountain river Snejnaya.

Transfer to the station around noon. Departure on the Trans-Siberian train. We travel along the lake shores for 150 km before we cross the peaks of Cisabaikalie and arrive to Irkutsk. Lunch at the restaurant of the train. Arriving at the Irkutsk main station at 16:20. Acommondation in the hotel.


day 8 - Irkutsk
Voyage Irkoutsk - Maison des Décembristes
Maison des Décembristes
Voyage Irkoutsk - Musée des Décembristes
Tsar Voyages est le spécialiste des voyages en Russie. Circuit, Croisières, transsibériens, visas…Découvrez la Russie dans les meilleures conditions.

The last day we start with the visit of Museum of Decembrists and the surrounding area.

At noon we move to the Museum of Tea. We discover the history and the origins of tea, the tradition of drinking it in Russia, particularly in Siberia, the history of large tea packing factories, which existed in Irkutsk uptil the end of 20th century. Tea ceremony with traditional Russian pasty (pirogis and pirojkis).

We finish with the visit of the Central Market where we can buy the region specials. Free time.

Final dinner in the restaurant in the city center.

day 9 - Irkutsk
Voyage Irkoutsk - Rue Karl Marx
Rue Karl Marx

Transfer to the airport.

Flight to Moscow.

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. Accommodation in standard double/twin rooms in guest house in Irkutsk (2 or 3 rooms with a shared bathroom and toilet) and in small hotels in Listvianka and Vydrino (comfortable rooms). For a single room, the supplement is 10,920 RUB for the duration of the stay.

. All meals, except for dinner on day 7. Transfers mentioned in the program

. Excursions mentioned in the program, with an English-speaking guide and admission tickets

. Snowmobile rent, 2 persons per vehicle (if you want to be alone, the supplement is 7 440 RUB / person)

. French-speaking guide for the duration of the stay


. Flight there and back

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. Tips and personal expenses

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